Here are some of the most common questions, along with the complete answers from our support experts.

We provide a free service. Switch Energy has long standing arrangements with energy and telecoms suppliers throughout the UK so once we have found the best value suppier for you they pay us a small commission. You dont need to pay us anything, just pay your reduced bills as normal.

Don’t worry. Many businesses are under contract. There is usually a small window of opportunity to break free from your existing contract. When that happens, we’ll get in touch with a reminder. If you still want to save money, we’ll start finding you the best deals.
Your (MPRN) is the unique identifying number of the gas meter at your premises. It can be found on your gas bill.
Your (MPAN) is the unique identifying number of the electricity meter at your premises. It is often referred to as a ‘supply number’ or ‘S number’, and it can usually be found on the back of your electricity bill.
You are free to leave at any time and we don’t ask you to sign any minimum term contract with us. With receive great customer satisfaction feedback and many of our customers stay with us year after year to keep reviewing and saving on their energy and telecoms costs.
Long before your new contract expires we will send the appropriate termination notices to the supplier and begin the process of sourcing the best provider all over again.
Once we have your details and letter of authority we do all the work for you. We’ll contact your existing supplier to confirm your usage and find out their best terms for future supply. We then compare that to all the other suppliers available in your area and make our recommendations. Once you’ve chosen, we arrange and manage the whole transfer process.
No. The only contract you sign is the normal contract with your new supplier.
We will manage any disputes on your behalf.
No. We will manage this for you. We will arrange your new supplier and contact your existing supplier as part of our free service.
We need your permission to speak to your existing supplier to confirm your usage and make certain that we collect accurate quotes. We also need your permission to get competitive quotes from other suppliers. We will never use this authority to sign agreements. We will give you recommendations but there is no obligation and the decision is yours. There is no need to change any meters, wires or pipes – your new supplier will use the same ones as your old supplier. You will notice a couple of major changes though: lower energy bills and more time for you to get on with your business!

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